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Brecksville Surgery Center

Welcome to the Brecksville Surgery Center – the new standard for ambulatory surgical care.

Whatever your specific surgery needs, our entire staff is dedicated to providing you with a quality and care-free experience. Brecksville Surgery Center is certified by the state of Ohio and accredited by AAAHC as a level 1 Multi-Specialty Ambulatory Surgery Center. The center provides specialized care with an experienced and dedicated staff. The new modern facility is equipped with the most advanced technology and surgical equipment available. At Brecksville Surgery Center you will also receive a level of personal service and attention that you will not find anywhere.

Dedicated to Patient Care

The staff and surgeons at Brecksville Surgery Center are dedicated to providing the best in patient care. You will receive a personal level of service and our safety is always top priority.

Dedicated to Technology

The Brecksville Surgery Center has the most state of the art surgical and diagnostic equipment available. Our center uses technology that many centers simply do not have. We are dedicated to providing the best technology because we want the best for our patients.

ORAORA system

The ORA System™ is a big advancement in eye lens surgery – it assists the eye surgeon at the time of surgery by helping the surgeon make the best choices for intraocular lens power and astigmatism correction. ORA uses Wavefront technology to analyze many possible imperfections of the way light passes through the eye to the retina. ORA can tell if the eye is in focus at the time of surgery, and if it is not, the ORA System™ helps the surgeon focus the eye.

LENSAR Laser SystemLensar

The LENSAR Laser System allows your cataract surgeon to offer you a better, more precise cataract removal procedure that is customized to your eye. With the LENSAR Laser System, your cataract surgeon can remove your cataract in a more advanced way. Using the LENSAR Laser System ensures that your customized cataract procedure is performed with laser precision. This is because of Augmented Reality, a unique imaging system that provides your surgeon with a reconstructed 3-D view of your eye, in order to help plan and treat your cataract.

Laser Vitreolysis

Laser Vitreolysis is the latest in the removal of floaters. Laser floater removal is a very simple out-patient procedure which only takes a couple hours in the office. Your eye surgeon will use a YAG laser to vaporize the vitreous strands, eliminating floaters’ impact on vision. During the procedure, the YAG laser is used to create a small plasma explosion in the vitreous to break up each floater in the eye. The procedure is very quick and non-invasive allowing most patients return to normal activity within a day. Laser Vitreolysis is a highly effective procedure with a low complication rate resulting in increased patient satisfaction.

Dedicated to Excellence in Ophthalmology

For many years our surgeons have served the Cleveland area community with dignity and with a purpose for providing a surgery center with doctors who strive to be the best in ophthalmology.

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Premium Cataract Surgery
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It's estimated that 20.5 million Americans over the age of 40 have cataracts - a clouding of the eye's natural lens that impairs one's ability to see clearly. If you are seeking cataract surgery in Ohio please call us to discuss the Brecksville Surgery Center advantage.
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Meet the Doctors
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At the Brecksville Surgery Center, our doctors are leaders in eye care education. They are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of eye care technology and they are active leaders in a number of professional organizations and lecture internationally.
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