Common Questions

Cataract Surgery FAQs

Q: What is a cataract?

A: A progressive clouding of the crystalline lens in the eye that can result on complete clouding and visual loss.

Q: What happens during cataract surgery?

A: During cataract surgery, the cataract is removed with a surgical technique called phacoemulsification and a man made IOL lens is implanted.

Q: What can I expect after cataract surgery

A: You may feel groggy from the local anesthesia. This is normal and will wear off fairly quickly. Your eye doctor may place antibiotic drops in your eye to prevent infection and administer anti-inflammatory drops to minimize swelling. You may also be provided an eye patch.

Q: What is an advanced technology intraocular lens (IOL)?

A: An intraocular lens (IOL) is the artificial lens surgeons implant to replace the eye’s crystalline lens that must be removed once it becomes cloudy. The main job of the IOL is to focus light onto the back of the eye (or retina), just as a natural, healthy eye lens would.

Q: What makes advanced technology IOLs different from ordinary intraocular lenses?

A: Advanced IOLs typically enable vision at multiple distances instead of one distance like a monodical IOL.

Q: Is cataract surgery risky eye surgery?

A: The fact that millions of people have gone before you and come out of the procedures pleased, healthy, and able to see clearly again should be of comfort. Nonetheless, there are always special cases and certain situations when complications can arise.

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